Make Mais Laser Cutting in Algarve

Our laser works hard so you don't have to

Computer Artwork

Computer Artwork

Using your design files we program our laser.

Material Options


Our lasers accomodate a wide range of materials.

Laser Processing

Versatile Laser

The laser accurately cuts, etches and marks your material.

Precise Parts

Precise Parts

The result is precise parts made to your specifications

Working with us is easy

Tell Us Your Idea

Tell us your idea.

If you know what you want, then the quickest way to get started is with our contact form. Be sure to include material information and quantities you require.

If you have an idea but aren't sure how best to execute it, just send us as much information as possible and we will contact you to discuss your project.

Either way, we'll review your submission and get in touch with you within 1 business day.

We Work With You

We work with you.

Every project is unique, so before we send you a proposal for cutting your parts, we can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy to best realize your idea.

We can assist with choosing materials, creating or optimizing your digital artwork and providing samples for larger or more complex jobs.

You can also visit our studio.

We Get To Work

We make your parts.

Once you are happy with our proposal, just accept our quote.

We will get to work right away. We work quickly to make sure we meet your deadlines.

Once the parts are finished, you can pick them up in our studio or we can pack and ship them to you. If you are in the Algarve, we will deliver the parts ourselves.

Just listen to what our clients say about us

Our laser is versatile

ABS Plastic : 6mm

Acrylic (Cast) : 10mm

Acrylic (Extruded) : 6mm

Cardboard : 12mm

Cork : 3mm

Fabric : 2mm

Felt : 18mm

Foam Board : 8mm

Leather : 6mm

Mat Board : 4mm

MDF : 10mm

Paper : 2mm

Rubber : 4mm

Wood : 8mm

Cut through material along designated paths, to make individual parts with high quality edges.


All materials that can be cut can also be etched. In addition, the following materials can be lightly etched to create a visible effect.

Ceramic Tile


Anodized Aluminum

Painted Metal



Vaporize material to a specified depth, creating a flat surface with a high quality finish.



Anodized Aluminum


Chrome plating


Galvanized steel


Nickel plating



Stainless steel


Create high quality permanent black marks without removing material or impacting surface integrity.


These materials have good characteristics for sculpting at the depths listed. Sculpting can require a prototype to ensure the best results.

Acrylic (Cast) : 3mm

Leather : 2mm

Rubber : 3mm

Tooling Foam : 3mm

Wood : 2mm

Vaporize material at multiple depths to create a 3D relief from your bitmap artwork.


We cut, engrave, mark and sculpt a wide range of materials.

If you don’t see the material you would like to use, contact us, and

we will let you know if your material is compatible with our equipment.

We will not work with PVC, polycarbonate, or carbon fiber.

Our laser is large and accommodates round parts like bottles.

Laser Processing Area: 810mm x 450mm

Maximum Part Size: 940mm x 580mm x 225mm

Rotary Capacity (for round parts): 200mm diameter x 450mm long

It takes digital artwork to make it all happen

To prepare your design files, follow these guidelines.

To reduce time and cost, it is important to provide vector based digital design files optimized for laser cutting following our guidelines.

Drawing Guidelines

Lines for Cutting

0.01mm Lines, Red: RGB(1,0,0)

Interior Cuts

0.01mm Lines, Blue: RGB(0,0,1)

Lines for Etching

0.01mm Lines, Green: RGB(0,1,0)

Areas for Etching

.05mm Lines or Fills, Black: RGB(1,1,1)

For the best results, start with our template files.

We also offer assistance in creating and optimizing digital design files.

If you need our help with your files, just send us what you can (photos, sketches, etc.) to communicate your idea.

Recent work by Make Mais

Enjoy browsing this collection of our recent work and when you are ready to see your own project come to life, get in touch!

Ready to get started? Get in touch.

Submission Guidelines

A complete description of your project is important. Describe your project as completely as possible and let us know if it is a finished product, a prototype, or something else. Also let us know if you will be providing design files or if you would like us to create them for you. Also, what is your deadline?

What materials and thickness would you like to use? You can supply your own materials for us to use or we can provide them for you. If you need assistance sourcing a specific material, let us know. If supplying an object to engrave, let us know what it’s made of and the dimensions.

How many pieces will you be ordering? Costs vary depending on the volume of an order.

Design Files:
When we receive your inquiry, we will send instructions for uploading your design files. Do you need help creating the artwork for your project? We can help, just let us know. For now, send us what you have to help explain your idea.

Delivery or Pick-up:
Do you need us to ship your items to you or will you pick them up from us? We are located in central Algarve between Loule and Boliqueme.